Galileo: Searching for Data

Searching for data using Galileo is very simple. Follow these steps:

Enter Search Query

Enter your search query in the search bar at the top of the application. 

Tip: Instead of searching "Parcels Florida" or "Parcels Tampa", just search for "Parcels" and use the location filters to get results in the area you want. 

Search Now!

Apply Filters to Narrow Results

Filters can help you narrow down the results to specific States, Counties, or Towns. You can also filter by type and category. You an apply a filter by clicking on the dropdown and typing or just by scrolling to find what you want. 

Filter Now!

Preview the Layer

Now that you have results in the area you want, you can click on the Preview Layer button. This will open a map with the data. This preview works for Feature and Raster Layers. 

Preview Now!

Note: The styling of the layer sometimes requires certain zoom levels for rendering. This means that if the layer is not shown when launching the preview, you need to zoom in. Also keep in mind that the data is coming from servers that are not owned by and some may be faster or slower, so you may need to wait a few seconds for data to load. There are some bugs with the layer previews. If you run into issues please send us a message in our community Discord.